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About Us

About Asumbi Treatment Center

Where there is hope there is life.

Asumbi Treatment Centre is a public health care service of the Catholic Diocese of Homa-Bay under Caritas Homa-bay.

Asumbi Treatment Centre (A.T.C.) is the oldest Rehabilitation Centre in South Saharan Africa which started way back in 1988 by Turberg Brothers.

Our clients are from self referrals, recovering addicts and referral centres, e.g. hospitals, churches, police stations and Psychiatric doctors..


To realize self-fulfillment and social harmony for all the community members through sharing and caring for each other.


To continue reaching out to the substance users to create awareness, treatment and rehabilitation where need be and re-integrate them to their communities for a healthy nation..

Our Goal

The primary goal is to foster personal growth towards self- fulfillment of the individual client through social learning in a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and each other.

The treatment goal of the addicted person has to learn to function as a sick person and has to be taught step by step, how to function initially as a recovering person and finally as well person.

ATC handles all forms of chemical dependency cases. The success rate is 65% -of those who enroll in the program and finish successfully without using drugs / alcohol in the centre. Each client is expected to stay for at least three months or more subject to the assessment carried out during the third month.

Our Centers

Asumbi Homabay

Asumbi Homabay caters for both male and female and has a capacity of 70 clients and it has handled over 3600 clients to date.

Asumbi Kentemere

Asumbi Kentemere si along Tigoni Road in Limuru.

Asumbi Karen

Asumbi Karen in May 2005, as a drug free treatment centre for chemically dependent persons, So far the centre has handled over 1600 clients from all over Kenya and neighboring countries.

All of our planners believe that everyone, rich or not so rich, deserves great financial advice and planning services

The program

The program runs for a minimum of 3 months fully residential. The centre organizes family sessions once in a month.

Our main focus is in spiritual and personal growth, social learning, lifestyle change, psychological and psychosocial growth, peer pressure, role modeling, self- pity, personal responsibility, reality confrontations and leveling. To achieve the above we use group and individual counseling and family therapy, the residential drug- free treatment approach, the therapeutic community is based on Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous programme which has been successfully used as a treatment method and a fellowship for chemically dependent persons